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Summary of ccxt-rest/ccxt-rest

The ccxt-rest GitHub repository is a project that provides a unified standardized REST-like APIs for over 130 cryptocurrency exchanges. It is part of the ccxt community project.

Key Features

  1. Unified API: ccxt-rest provides a unified API that handles varying exchange interfaces. This allows developers to build applications that can interact with different exchanges without needing to refactor for each individual API.

  2. Multiple Exchanges Support: ccxt-rest supports a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges (over 130 exchanges). These include popular ones like Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, and more.

  3. Language Agnostic: The server is written in Node.js but it provides Docker and HTTP interfaces for use with any programming language.

How it Works

ccxt-rest is essentially a wrapper around the popular ccxt library. It runs the ccxt library in a Node.js server and provides the API functionality through HTTP endpoints.

Developers interact with the ccxt-rest endpoints as if they were interacting with the ccxt library directly.

The ccxt-rest server also provides Docker support. Developers can create a Docker container running the ccxt-rest service and then send HTTP requests to the container's endpoint.

How to Use

To use ccxt-rest, one needs to clone the repository from GitHub and install the necessary dependencies. Then, one can run the server either directly via Node.js or inside a Docker container.

Once the server is running, it provides various HTTP endpoints that correspond to various ccxt functions. Developers can send HTTP requests to these endpoints to use the ccxt functionality.

Here is the link to the repository: ccxt-rest.


ccxt-rest is an essential tool for developers building applications that interact with numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. It abstracts away the complexity of dealing with different exchange APIs and allows for a much smoother development process.

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