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Summary of cazala/coin-hive-stratum

The cazala/coin-hive-stratum is a GitHub repository that provides a bridge for communicating with stratum servers using the CoinHive protocol. This allows you to run your own mining pool for a website that uses CoinHive's JavaScript Miner.

Here is how it works: Web pages that run CoinHive's JavaScript Miner connect to CoinHive's pool. With the coin-hive-stratum bridge, your web pages can now connect to your own pool – and you can connect the pool to the coin daemon of your choice!

This tool is meant for web developers who wish to improve their cryptocurrency mining performance by connecting the CoinHive's JavaScript Miner to a customized pool.

Here are some technical details:

  • The repository is written in JavaScript and is open-source under the MIT License.
  • Developers should note that they will need to have Node.js installed to run coin-hive-stratum.
  • Once everything is set up, users' web miners will send hashes to your pool, and your pool will send valid share data back.

Please remember that using such software should always respect the user's choice and it's recommended not to use such tools without user's explicit consent due to ethical and legal considerations.

- **Project Name**: cazala/coin-hive-stratum - **Description**: A bridge for CoinHive to connect to stratum servers - **Programming Language**: JavaScript - **License**: MIT

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