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Summary of bmoscon/cryptostore

The bmoscon/cryptostore is a GitHub repository created by Bryant Moscon. It is a part of the Cryptostore project which is an extensible backend storage architecture for collecting and storing historical cryptocurrency data - trade, order book, and more.

The main goal of the cryptostore is to normalize storage of data regardless of its source and providing a simple and uniform way to access it. It operates in conjunction with Cryptofeed (another project from the same author), which manages data collection.

Among its features, it supports various databases such as Arctic/MongoDB, InfluxDB, Google BigQuery, and others. It also offers configurable data pipeline and aggregation.

However, the repository is under active development and therefore, its features might expand in the future. Those interested in using or contributing to the project should review the repository for the most recent information.

As of now, the repository provides comprehensive documentation that guides on setup and usage. The last commit at the time of writing this was made on 29th March, 2022.

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