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Summary of bitshares/bitshares-core

Bitshares-core is the repository for the core functionalities of Bitshares, an open-source, blockchain-based, real-time financial platform. It provides a decentralized asset exchange that positions itself as a cheaper, faster, and more scalable alternative to other platforms.

Bitshares-core is written in C++ and incorporates various financial services such as trading, banking, and a variety of tracked assets. The Bitshares blockchain implements an industrial-grade technology focused on businesses, organizations, and individuals that need to reliably manage their digital assets.

Some key features of this repository and Bitshares blockchain are:

  • High Performance: can process over 100,000 transactions per second.
  • Scalability: built to be scalable with businesses and handle the high volume of modern e-commerce.
  • Dynamic Account Permissions: allows for complex, customizable permissions for corporate environments.
  • Recurring & Scheduled Payments: allows for recurring and scheduled payments that work reliably.
  • Referral Rewards Program: incentivizes the referral of new users and adopters.
  • User-Issued Assets: gives the ability to issue your own customizable digital assets.
  • Price-Stable Cryptocurrencies: has the digital equivalent of real-world assets like the dollar, euro, gold, silver, etc.

The project welcomes contributions from developers and the community. Contribution guidelines, installation instructions, and other useful information can be found in its README file.

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