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The XDagger/xdag GitHub repository belongs to the XDagger organization. The main project hosted in this repository is XDAG, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that differs from many common cryptocurrencies in that its system doesn't rely on predefined blocks. Instead, XDAG uses a mechanism called "block-as-a-transaction", where each transaction carries out the function of a block.

The XDAG system is completely decentralized and facilitates instant transactions across its network. The cryptocurrency is one of the first cryptocurrencies to implement a direct acyclic graph system, a system that is also being used by other high-profile cryptocurrencies today.

The repository contains all the source code of the cryptocurrency system and includes directories with system files, tests, client files, and more. Most of the code is written in the C programming language. The repository also includes detailed documentation to guide users and developers on operating and improving the system.

Repository link: XDagger/xdag on GitHub

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