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Summary of ViewBlock/binance-api-node

The ViewBlock/binance-api-node is a GitHub repository that hosts an open-source, unopinionated JavaScript and TypeScript library for Binance API, which users can utilize and adapt for their cryptocurrency trading needs.

Some of the functionalities that the library provides allow users to:

  • Fetch public information such as time, depth, trades, and others from the Binance exchange
  • Facilitate private API calls to execute trades, manage orders and balances
  • Implement real-time websockets for up-to-date data on trades, order book depth, etc.

The library seems to be maintained actively, as shown by relatively recent commits and issues updates.

All in all, the library provides a convenient set of tools to interact with Binance API for cryptocurrency trading, making it easier to handle trading automation or bot creation for the Binance exchange.

Here is how you install it:

npm install --save binance-api-node

And a simple example:

const Binance = require('binance-api-node').default // Authenticated client, can make signed calls const client = Binance({ apiKey: 'xxx', apiSecret: 'xxx', }) client.time().then(time => console.log(time))

This simple example shows how you can get the server time.

Anyway, please be reminded that always use such tools responsibly and ensure to follow rules and regulations defined by the trading platform.

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