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The GitHub repository SockTrader is an open-source software project primarily used for developing crypto trading systems. The trading framework helps users to implement their own trading algorithms and strategies. It offers useful features such as back-testing which allows users to test their algorithms based on historical data.

The project is written in TypeScript and it uses npm for its package management. It also includes documentation on how to set up and use the project, as well as contributing guidelines for developers who want to contribute to the project.

Here is the basic format:

# SockTrader SockTrader is an open-source crypto trading system. It's an easy-to-use, advanced trading framework that helps you to develop trading algorithms/strategies. ## Features - Detailed Documentation - Backtesting against historical data - Paper trading (testing algorithms in real-time using fake money) - Live trading - Pluggable architecture (core, plugins, and strategies are completely separated) ## Requirements - Node.js - npm ## Installation 1. Clone the repository 2. Install the dependencies with `npm install` 3. Build the project with `npm run build` 4. Run `npm run start:dev` ## Contributing Contributions are welcome. Please ensure your pull requests adhere to the following guidelines: - Keep descriptions short and simple, but descriptive. - Check your coding style. - Write unit tests for your features/bugs. Happy coding!

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