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Summary of SerenityOS/serenity

SerenityOS is a love letter to the '90s style computing, defined by mouse-centric graphical interfaces such as Windows 95, and Unix internals. It is a fully-fledged operating system running on x86 processors. Developed by Andreas Kling, the project is updated very frequently on the GitHub repository.

The goal of the SerenityOS is not to replicate the functionality of modern, large-scale operating systems, but to provide a similar environment with a focus on simplicity, clarity, and ease of learning. The system comes with a suite of simple and lightweight Unix-like core utilities, a POSIX-like C library and a very basic userland.

The repository is licensed under a 2-clause BSD license, suggesting that it's quite open for contributions. It has an enormous and vibrant community that is contributing to the development of the project. The future development of SerenityOS is tracked publicly using GitHub's issue system and is largely driven by its community and its needs.

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