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Summary of MinterTeam/minter-go-node

The MinterTeam/minter-go-node is a GitHub repository developed and maintained by the Minter Team. It serves as the official implementation of the Minter Blockchain in Go.

Minter is a digital assets marketplace that allows users to create, buy, and sell any digital assets with instant liquidity. These digital assets could be for different kinds of tokens - from online services’ loyalty points to virtual goods in games.

The Go Node enables transactions between these digital assets, processing up to 10,000 transactions per second, and confirmations happen every 5 seconds.

This repository is based on the go-ethereum and tendermint source codes and modified to suit the requirements of the Minter Blockchain.

The back-end written in Golang, with a Tendermint consensus algorithm. Here's a summary of what it does:

  • Validates transactions based on predefined rules
  • Stores the state of the Minter Network
  • Allows interaction with the Minter blockchain through the API
  • Runs the Minter Network with the possibility of delegation

You'll need to have Go 1.13 or newer for this repository, and it's essential to understand that node owners are validators in the Minter Network responsible for verifying transactions and blocks in exchange for block rewards and transaction fees.

Anyone interested in this will need some understanding of Go, blockchain technology, and the Minter platform itself.

You can contribute to the code base or submit an issue if found; the standard rules of open-source contribution apply.

Finally, there is extensive documentation in this repo – in root and docs/ folder – to help understand how to install, run, and use the project.

Please note that the software in this project is in a high state of development and the team does not guarantee its stability.

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