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Summary of Julien-R44/cli-candlestick-chart

The GitHub repository Julien-R44/cli-candlestick-chart is a command-line tool developed by Julien-R44. It generates candlestick charts based on data provided by the user. The main utility of this tool is to visualize financial trading data, commonly used in stock markets, forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Here's its main features:

  • Lightweight and simple to use, as it's a command-line interface (CLI).
  • Users provide their own data through a CSV file. The data should include Open, High, Low, Close Prices (OHLC).
  • The tool plots candlestick charts based on the provided data.

This repository appears to be written in Python and uses several dependencies such as pandas for data manipulation, matplotlib for plotting the data and mplfinance library for creating the candlestick chart.

Code usage, installation and prerequisites are all detailed in the repository's README file.

# [Julien-R44/cli-candlestick-chart]( This is a command-line tool that provides functionality for generating simple, clean candlestick charts with data given by user. This can be specifically useful for users wanting to plot financial trading information quickly on their terminal. ## Main Features - CLI tool, easy to use. - Data input through CSV file (OHLC). - Candlestick chart visualization. ## Technology The tool is built with Python, and uses pandas, matplotlib and mplfinance.

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