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Why Genymobile/scrcpy is barely warm?

The result is based on ratio of number of commits and code additions from initial and final time ranges.

Initial time range – from 21 Apr, 2023 to 22 Jul, 2023

Final time range – from 21 Jan, 2024 to 21 Apr, 2024

From 7 to 4 commits per week
From 260 to 132 additions per week
From 105 to 77 deletions per week
Data calculated on 21 Apr, 2024

Summary of Genymobile/scrcpy

The Genymobile/scrcpy repository on GitHub is home to the open-source project called scrcpy, which stands for "Screen Copy". This application provides display and control of Android devices connected on USB (or over TCP/IP). It does not require root access and works on GNU/Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Key features of scrcpy include:

  • It supports USB and wireless connection.
  • It requires no root access.
  • It offers a high resolution up to 1080p and above, with high performance (30~60fps).
  • It provides the ability to interact with all Android devices.
  • It offers flexible resizing of the screen and can go fullscreen.
  • The project is updated regularly with bug fixes and feature enhancements.

To use scrcpy, users need to connect their device to a computer via USB or wirelessly (requires Android 5.0 or later), enable USB debugging in the developer options, and then run the scrcpy command in the terminal.

Peak on the repository structure, it contains folders and files. Folders such as app, server, and SCRCPY when investigated provide more specific functionality about the application, while files such as,,, describe how to contribute to the project, installation processes, changes to the project, and a general overview of the project, respectively.

For users who want to contribute to this open-source project, they should read the file, which provides detailed information on how to contribute to the project.

Being open-source, any developer can fork and contribute to scrcpy. Currently, the project has over 40,000 stars on GitHub, indicating its popularity and utility within the developer community.

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