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Summary of CyC2018/CS-Notes

"CyC2018/CS-Notes" is a popular GitHub repository that provides comprehensive notes on computer science topics. The notes are written in both Chinese and English, and they cover vast areas of computer science, including algorithms, operating systems, networks, databases, Java, and C++.

The repository is created and maintained by 'CyC2018'. It has gained a huge following from users worldwide, with over 133k stars and more than 30k forks at the time of writing, making it a very popular and highly recommended resource for people who want to learn or reinforce their understanding of computer science concepts.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the contents:

  1. Interview: Comprehensive knowledge points for programming interviews.
  2. Algorithms: Implementation of common algorithms in multiple languages.
  3. Java: Notes and implementation of common frameworks.
  4. Database: Overview and study notes on relational databases and NoSQL.
  5. Operating Systems: Comprehensive notes on operating system theory.
  6. Network: Detailed notes on computer networking.
  7. System Design: System design principles, including Linux tools, performance optimization, distributed systems, HTTP, and more.

One unique feature of this repository is that the contributor encourages readers to participate in maintaining and improving the notes. It's a collaborative space where users can learn from others and contribute their insights. However, the notes' interface is much well organized via GitBook. It is accessible via this link.

Remember, since these notes are in markdown format, they can easily be downloaded, forked, or copied into personal GitHub repositories for personal use.

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