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Summary of AllienWorks/cryptocoins

The AllienWorks/cryptocoins is a GitHub repository that serves as a webfont collection of your favourite cryptocurrencies (and more). At present, this repository boasts over 600 icons for various cryptocurrencies, and the vector versions of these icons are included in SVG format.

This repository aims to be a comprehensive library of cryptocurrency icons that can be used on the web or in applications. It also serves as a ready-to-use web font for developers. The icons are created in a consistent style, which makes them visually pleasing when used together.

The icons are created with a small size footprint in mind. This makes them great for apps and websites because of their small file size and quick loading times. The vector SVG icons make them scalable which means they can be resized without losing quality.

A few highlights of the repository:

  • It has a clear and easy-to-follow README file which specifies how to use the icons, both as a webfont or SVG files.
  • The SVG files are neatly categorized and named with the cryptocurrency's name or symbol.
  • Images are provided for every single icon.
  • They have a demo HTML file that displays all the icons for preview.

To use these icons, you need to download the repository, copy the fonts and CSS to your project, and include the CSS file in your HTML file.

Please note that the repository has not received updates for a few years, so it might not cover some of the more recent cryptocurrencies.

Here's a link to the repository: AllienWorks/cryptocoins

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