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Final time range – from 11 Nov, 2023 to 10 Feb, 2024

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Summary of Adamant-im/adamant-tradebot

The Adamant-im/adamant-tradebot GitHub repository is an automated trading bot that is part of the ADAMANT project, which is a decentralized, anonymous, and secure messaging platform on a blockchain. The bot supports various cryptocurrency exchanges that can make instant trades. Trading pairs and strategies are configurable.

The repository is open-source which allows developers to contribute to its development or use its code for their own projects. Its main language is JavaScript, and developers who want to get involved would need prior knowledge in node.js and some understanding of trading mechanics.

Here is an example of its typical use:

// Load a bot const TradeBot = require('adamant-tradebot'); // Configure it let config = { api: { key: 'YOUR-API-KEY', secret: 'YOUR-SECRET-KEY' }, pair: 'BTC_ETH', mode: 'sell', amount: 1, price: 0.1, } // And start trading let bot = new TradeBot(config); bot.start(); // If you want to stop it bot.stop();

For more detailed configuration, developers can follow instructions outlined in the repository's README file.

As always, developers are recommended to review the code thoroughly before using it and be aware of the risk when using trading bots.

Trading involves financial risk. This bot does not provide any investment or financial advice and should only be used by developers for study and entertainment purposes.

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