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Summary of ACINQ/eclair-mobile

The ACINQ/eclair-mobile repository on GitHub is the project repository for the Eclair Mobile Wallet. The Eclair Mobile Wallet is a next-generation, Lightning-ready Bitcoin wallet developed by ACINQ, a Paris-based Bitcoin technology company. It is designed to work with the Lightning Network, a "layer 2" payment protocol that operates on top of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

The Eclair Mobile Wallet is built to operate with Android operating systems. It allows users to carry out normal Bitcoin transactions as well as Lightning transactions, making it versatile and ready for the future of Bitcoin mainstream use.

The repo includes the source code of the Eclair Mobile Wallet, allowing developers to make contributions, understand how the wallet works, and how to implement similar technology. It's written in Scala and uses Gradle for building the project.

For people interested in contributing to this project, they recommend going through the file to understand the process and guidelines of making contributions to this project. This project is licensed under the 'Apache License version 2.0'.

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