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Summary of xFFFFF/Gekko-BacktestTool

The xFFFFF/Gekko-BacktestTool is a GitHub repository mainly used for backtesting cryptocurrency trading strategies. This is a plugin for the Gekko trading bot and is written in javascript.

Highlights of this tool include:

  • Allows users to define strategies in the TOML format
  • Allows users to import and use their own indicators in strategies
  • Supports multiple currency pairs for backtesting at the same time
  • Outputs detailed backtesting data for further analysis

See the README on the repository for more details and usage instructions.

It's worth noting that both Gekko and this BacktestTool are open source projects. Anyone including you can contribute to this project by opening issues, suggesting enhancements, or making pull requests.

For this BacktestTool to work, you must first install Gekko because it uses several modules from the Gekko trading bot.

Here's a simple usage guide:

  1. Clone the repository to the local machine
git clone
  1. Navigate to the cloned directory
cd Gekko-BacktestTool
  1. Edit the config.js file to define your strategies and currency pairs

  2. Run the backtest script

node gekkoBacktestTool.js

Remember, for this to work correctly, Gekko must be installed and running correctly on your system.

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