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Summary of trezor/trezor-firmware

The Trezor Firmware GitHub repository is an open-source project managed by SatoshiLabs. This repository contains the source code for the firmware of Trezor hardware wallets, which are devices for secure Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions.

Here are some key points about this repository:

  • Monorepo: This repository is a monorepository, which means it contains multiple related projects. Specifically, it contains the trezor-core (for Trezor Model T) and trezor-legacy (for Trezor One) projects.
  • Languages: The majority of the code written in the repository is in C, Python and other languages.
  • Contribution: As an open source project, anyone can contribute to the development of the Trezor firmware.

Please note that while the repository allows open source contribution, it strongly suites developers who understand the security repercussions of their changes. It is not intended for unsolicited redesigns, unnecessary feature additions or substantial refactoring.

The repository also contains resources related to Trezor hardware wallets such as documentation, a guide to compiling the source code, description of the device's hardware, and other technical details.

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