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Summary of supabase/supabase

The Supabase/supabase GitHub repository hosts the code for Supabase, an open source alternative to Firebase. Supabase adds realtime and RESTful APIs to your existing PostgreSQL database without needing to write any backend code. Currently, it's in Alpha stage.

Here's a breakdown of the main features you'll find in the repository:

  • Table Views: You can use any PostgreSQL feature and Supabase will expose it over a Restful API. This includes tables, views, stored procedures.
  • Realtime: Converts your PostgreSQL database into a websocket server, allowing you to listen to changes in real time.
  • Authentication & Security: Works directly with PostgreSQL's built-in Row Level Security. Allows to manage user data with Postgres' powerful JSONB features.
  • Storage: Manages assets in storage buckets, provides user-friendly interfaces for upload, download, and management of assets.
  • Functions: Write JavaScript functions and execute them directly in your database.

The backend is built with Elixir (for real-time server), Go (for PostgREST/api), and Rust (for storage). The frontend Web library works with JavaScript, TypeScript, and Dart.

The language distribution on the repository, by code, approximates at Go (70.9%), TypeScript (16.2%) and JavaScript (5.6%).

Also, the repository is open to contributions and follows a detailed guideline for contribution, including steps for setting up local development, making changes, running tests, and submitting a pull request.

The repository has a high fork count and star count, indicating its popularity among developers.

- Repository: [supabase/supabase]( - Stars: Over 13k - Forks: Over 300 - Language: Primarily Go and TypeScript - License: MIT License

Please note: The details above represent the state of the repository at the time of writing and may change over time. For the latest updates, always refer to the official Supabase GitHub Repository.

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