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Summary of sdcoffey/techan

The GitHub repository sdcoffey/techan is a technical analysis library for the Go language. The name "techan" is a play on the term "tech and finance", which reflects the purpose of the library. It provides comprehensive tools for technical analysis of financial markets.

It includes indicators such as:

  • Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Bollinger Bands

Moreover, it provides utilities for managing and analyzing time series data. Its features include:

  • Market indicators
  • Signal detection
  • Candlestick pattern detection
  • Utility methods for managing and manipulating time series

Here is how you can use it:

package main import ( \t\"fmt\" \t\"\" \t\"\" ) func main() { \tquotes, _ := quote.NewQuoteFromYahoo( \t\t\"aapl\", \t\t\"2016-01-01\", \t\t\"2016-04-01\", \t\tquote.Daily, \t\ttrue) \tclosePrices := techan.NewTimeSeries() \tfor _, q := range quotes { \t\tclosePrices.AddCandle(techan.NewCandle(q.Date, q.Open, q.High, q.Low, q.Close, q.Volume)) \t} \tlogReturns := techan.LogReturnTransform(closePrices) \tfmt.Println(logReturns) }

This library is created and maintained by Steve Coffey. As of writing, the repository has over 150 stars and 22 forks. Note, however, that the library doesn't seem to provide any guarantee of maintenance or reliability.

The documentation for the library is quite comprehensive and the code examples are easy to understand, making it a viable option for anyone interested in financial market analysis using Go.

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