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The result is based on ratio of number of commits and code additions from initial and final time ranges.

Initial time range – from 10 Feb, 2023 to 13 May, 2023

Final time range – from 11 Nov, 2023 to 10 Feb, 2024

From 0 to 0 commits per week
From 16 to 30 additions per week
From 16 to 15 deletions per week
Data calculated on 10 Feb, 2024

Summary of polakowo/vectorbt

The polakowo/vectorbt repository on GitHub is a Python library designed for backtesting and analyzing trading strategies at scale. Here are some of its key features:

  • High-performance backtesting: It uses Numba and Dask to distributive computations across all of your available CPU cores. It tries to utilize caching and other strategies to ensure performance.
  • Highly customizable: It comes with several built-in features, including creating trading strategies programmatically, handling missing values, and setting initial capital. You also have the flexibility to extend vectorbt to fit specific needs.
  • Intuitive: The library utilizes data classes for representing complex data in a simple way, further enhancing user-friendliness.
  • Comprehensive data visualization: It integrates with Plotly and includes features like plotting raw price data and multiple metrics to provide insights.

Please note that vectorbt is not a financial advisor and does not provide financial advice. The aim of the library is to explore an extensive range of possibilities quickly and efficiently.


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