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Final time range – from 11 Nov, 2023 to 10 Feb, 2024

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Data calculated on 10 Feb, 2024

Summary of paraswap/paraswap-sdk

ParaSwap-SDK is an open-source GitHub repository for the software development kit (SDK) of ParaSwap.

ParaSwap is a decentralized exchange aggregator that provides competitive prices over multiple exchanges. The Paraswap SDK enables developers to interface with their API easily for various operations like getting the price of tokens, building transactions to swap tokens, etc.

The SDK supports multiple networks including Ethereum and Polygon, and is actively maintained with regular updates.

This SDK is written in TypeScript and uses ethers.js for Ethereum JavaScript API. The center part of this SDK is the ParaSwap class, which provides methods to build and send transactions, fetch tokens and prices, among other things.

To use this SDK one needs to clone the repository, install the dependencies with npm install, compile the TypeScript to JavaScript with npm run build and use it as per their requirement.

Please note, to interact with certain parts of the ParaSwap API, you'll need an API key which can be obtained upon request.

Overall, the ParaSwap-SDK is a critical tool for developers looking to integrate functionalities of the ParaSwap protocol into their application.

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