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Summary of openhive-network/hive

The openhive-network/hive is a GitHub repository for the Hive blockchain. The Hive blockchain is a fast, scalable blockchain specifically designed for Web 3.0. Here is a little about it.

  • Hive is a Graphene-based blockchain, that was created to power Web 3.0, which aims to create a more secure, scalable, and intuitive web experience.
  • The Hive blockchain enables developers to create high-performance, decentralized applications. Its speed and scalability are backed by a delegated proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, ensuring transactions are processed quickly and efficiently.
  • This repository contains the Hive blockchain's source code, which can be cloned or forked for development purposes. It also contains instructions on how to set up a test network or create a transaction using the Hive blockchain.
  • It includes documentation for users to understand the functionalities of hive blockchain and provides scripts for docker setup and running tests.
  • The repository is actively maintained and frequently updated by the developers. It has multiple contributors who continually contribute to the code, ensuring that the Hive blockchain stays at the forefront of blockchain technology.

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