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Summary of jumpserver/jumpserver

The jumpserver/jumpserver is a GitHub repository for the open source JumpServer project. JumpServer is widely recognized as a free, open-source privileged access management system. It uses Python, Django, and Bootstrap for development.

Features it offers include:

  1. Unified management of all assets: It can incorporate multiple types of network devices and servers, and it supports custom protocols.
  2. Account and permission management: Admins can allow users to have access to designated assets and the applicable permissions.
  3. Session recording: Admins can record, audit, command and playback all operations done on the IT infrastructure.
  4. Web Terminal: This feature supports SSH RDP VNC TELNET sFTP Xrdp. It has Webssh and Web RDP and can be used on any browser.
  5. MFA : Support MFA Google authenticator.
  6. LDAP/AD: It even supports AD and LDAP for access.

This project is well-maintained, with regular code updates. It's accompanied by comprehensive guides for standalone deployment, Docker deployment, and even cluster deployment. There are separate documents for system installation, upgrade instructions, and troubleshooting guidelines. The project supports multi-language with contributing instructions.

This information should be valid as of the last update but for the most accurate and up-to-date information, it's recommended to directly visit the jumpserver/jumpserver GitHub Repository.

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