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Summary of hibernate/hibernate-orm

The Hibernate/Hibernate-ORM repository on GitHub is for Hibernate ORM (Object/Relational Mapping). It serves as a source code repository for Hibernate ORM, a high-performance, robust and mature object-relational mapping framework for Java environments.

Hibernate ORM enables developers to perform database operations in an application-agnostic manner, shielding them from the underlying SQL. It provides a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a relational database.

Here are some notable features:

  • Performance: Hibernate ORM is known for its high performance. It offers a number of sophisticated performance-enhancing features like lazy initialization, fetching strategies, and optimistic locking with automatic versioning.
  • Scalability: Hibernate scales well in any environment: from a single, standalone application to cluster-based enterprise applications.

  • Reliability: It is a mature, robust product that boasts high reliability. Precise and helpful error messages are provided to aid troubleshooting.

  • Extensibility: Hibernate offers a robust, flexible extension mechanism.

  • Query options: Hibernate has its own query language, Hibernate Query Language (HQL), which is an full-featured, object-oriented query language similar to SQL. However, it also supports native SQL and the Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL).

  • ID generation: Hibernate supports a variety of techniques for generating unique identifiers for your objects.

  • Transactions and concurrency control: Hibernate integrates with JTA and can work in any transaction-management environment. It also handles multi-threading.

Hibernate is used in many enterprise systems; the GitHub repository allows developers to collaborate on ongoing development, report issues, and suggest improvements.

Repository Details:

  • Primary language: Java
  • License: Hibernate ORM is open source and licensed under the LGPL v2.1.
  • Latest Release: Check the repository tag section for the latest release information.
  • Contributions: Contributions are welcome, guidelines for which can be found in the repository's file.

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