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Summary of andrei-zgirvaci/Arbitrage-Bot

The andrei-zgirvaci/Arbitrage-Bot is a GitHub repository maintained by Andrei Zgirvaci. It focuses on Cryptocurrency trading using the Arbitrage strategy. Arbitrage is a financial strategy that takes advantage of price differences in different markets for the same asset.

Main features of the bot include:

  • Ability to detect arbitrage opportunities between exchangers. Current implementation checks opportunities within Binance and Bitfinex platforms.
  • Real-time detection using WebSocket connections.
  • Support for multiple trading pairs.

The bot is written in JavaScript, specifically uses Node.js runtime. It is a clear identifier that Andrei Zgirvaci possesses a high proficiency in the language and works with financial bot creation.

Please note that, as always, the use of such tools implies a certain level of risk, so anyone wishing to use or contribute to this codebase should have a proper understanding of the cryptocurrency market and trading in general. Also, make sure to respect the license under which this project is distributed (MIT license).

# [Andrei Zgirvaci's Arbitrage Bot]( This crypto trading bot operates by exploiting arbitrage opportunities between Binance and Bitfinex platforms in real-time. Key features: - **Real-time detection**: The bot uses WebSocket for live data feed, enabling real-time detection of available opportunities. - **Supports Multiple Pairs**: The bot allows the user to select multiple trading pairs for arbitrage detection. - **Written in JavaScript**: The bot is coded using Node.js, showcasing the author's strong proficiency in the language. Note: Use caution and due diligence when using or contributing to this bot as financial and trading risks are inherent in its operation.

For further details, it is recommended you visit the repository to get updated information, installation, and usage instructions.

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