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Summary of Noso-Project/NosoDart

The Noso-Project/NosoDart repository is a Dart/Flutter SDK for the NoSo network. It is actually a project that focuses on building a decentralized, privacy-focused social network. It leverages on Dart language primarily and the Flutter framework to build the SDK. The repository contains necessary codebase for implementation and it seems to be regularly updated, indicating ongoing development.

The README file provides useful resources such as the guide on how to get started with the project, contributing guidelines, and instructions on running tests. It can be a great resource for developers who want to contribute to the project or who want to implement the NoSo network in their own Dart/Flutter applications.

Please note that the actual status and details could vary as the project evolves over time. For the most accurate information, it's recommended to visit the project's GitHub page.

# NosoDart This is a Dart/Flutter SDK for the NoSo network. You can use this package to interact with the NoSo network from a dart or flutter application. ## How to use 1. Add `nosodart` as a [dependency in your pubspec.yaml file]( 2. Import `nosodart` in your dart file: `import 'package:nosodart/nosodart.dart'`. ## Test We are using [GitHub Actions]( to run our tests on every push: ![Test]( The tests can also be run locally with this command: `dart test`.

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