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Summary of ArkEcosystem/desktop-wallet

ArkEcosystem/desktop-wallet is a GitHub repository for the Ark Desktop Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet for the Ark blockchain.

The Ark Desktop Wallet is a lightweight wallet that does not synchronize the blockchain locally on your machine. Instead, it uses the peers it connects to in order to send transactions to the network, fetch your current balance, and much more.

The wallet is designed to be easy to use while offering all the features expected from a standalone cryptocurrency wallet. With the Ark Desktop Wallet, you can create multiple wallets, manage contacts, and view the transaction history. It supports Ledger Hardware Wallets and offers an array of features for advanced users, such as multi-signature wallets and IPFS integrations.

The repository includes the codebase and extensive documentation to guide developers in contributing to the project. It is written in TypeScript and Vue.js, which are widely used languages in web development.

The Ark Ecosystem encourages open-source contributions and this repository is licensed under the MIT license, which allows developers to use, modify and distribute the software.

One notable aspect is its continuous integration and delivery set-up for quality assurance. It has tight integration with GitHub Actions for running automated tests to validate code changes. The project has a high degree of test coverage, which helps to ensure the reliability of the software.

Overall, the ArkDesktop-wallet repository represents a mature and well-documented project within the cryptocurrency space, specifically targeting functionality for the Ark blockchain.

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