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Summary of 0b01/tectonicdb

The 0b01/tectonicdb repository on GitHub is a financial time series database. This system is designed with a focus on storing tick-by-tick market data efficiently. It was built with the Rust language, which offers memory safety while maintaining high performance.

The project is very useful for financial applications that need to deal with high-frequency data. Developers who work with financial data might find this project interesting.

Here are some characteristics about the TectonicDB:

  • It's ultra-fast: it can insert 6M+ datapoints per second, query 1M+ datapoints per second.
  • It's simple: TCP interface with a simple set of commands (GET, COUNT, MD5, FLUSHDB, PING, QUIT)
  • It's small: Each datapoint consumes exactly 32 bytes of disk storage, and the server binary size is <2MB.
  • It has a minimal feature set (Unix philosophy)

For use and installation, one can refer to the detailed instructions given in the repository's README.

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